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Ceremony Exit Ideas

Written By Watermill Caterers | 03/05/19 | 1 min read

Plan a memorable send-off! Most churches and religious venues have strict rules, and do not allow anything to be tossed. Here are a few alternatives: 

Bubbles are fun, and of course kid-friendly.  Your flower girls and ring bearer will have fun sending you off with this option! 

Wedding bells are a signature ceremony symbol. The noise is not only charming, but appropriate for a church setting. 

Ribbon Wands make for a great exit photo. If you are crafty, consider this one a DIY project. All you need is some ribbon and wooden craft dowels.  

If your ceremony is taking place outdoors and there are no restrictions, rose petals are classic and beautiful. Consider red rose petals, since the red rose symbolizes love.  

Sachets of lavender do not only smell good, but look good as well! This is a great alternative to throwing rice.