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Words Of Wisdom: The Watermill Blog

The world of event planning—especially wedding planning—can be a difficult road to navigate. With trends constantly shifting, it can take a long time to figure out how to put together any celebration in a way that will stay in the hearts and minds of your guests for years to come. In the spirit of teaching from experience, The Watermill presents this blog as a helpful resource to anyone preparing the party of a lifetime—from when to book a caterer to how to find the best dress and beyond.

thank you card
The Best Advice For Creating Wedding Thank-You Cards

Your wedding planning efforts aren’t truly over until you mail the very last thank-you note. Make it an easy process with as few steps as possible.

first dance
How To Choose Your First-Dance Wedding Song

The first song you and your partner dance to at your wedding can serve to define your relationship—so choose wisely!

wedding cake-1
What's for Dessert at a Watermill Wedding

No matter how much we love savory food, weddings have the power to bring out the sweet tooth in all of us with desserts to remember.

samantha copy
With A Little Help From Samantha

The Watermill’s complimentary event coordinator provides a personal touch and makes wedding planning a breeze.

7 Services Your Wedding Venue Should Provide

You have enough to worry about while you plan your wedding. Here’s some details that your chosen venue should be able to handle.

Stylish Ways To Elevate Your Wedding's Look

Wedding decorations go beyond tablecloths and streamers. These days, the delight is in the details.

What Are Some Of The Finer Points Of Wedding Etiquette

Tips on what to give the happy couple and how to mind your manners as a guest.

How To Throw An Amazing Engagement Party

Before the wedding planning kicks into high gear, set aside some time to celebrate the proposal with friends and family at your engagement party.