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The 'I Do' Hairdo: Bridal Hairstyles For Your Wedding

Written By Watermill Caterers | 09/20/19 | 5 min read

No matter how stunning the decor at the Long Island wedding venue, it’s a good bet that it’ll be the bride that catches everyone’s eye. 

The entire bridal look is designed specifically to stun onlookers—from the breath-taking wedding dress down to the skillfully selected pair of shoes and all the accessories in between. But there’s one element of the bride’s style in particular that quite literally tops it all off, and that’s the wedding hairstyle.

Bridal hair designs range from the ever-popular chignon and the classy ballerina bun, to ponytails, braids, loose waves, and more. With the help of their wedding glam squad, brides do their ’dos in whichever way matches their personality, as well as their wedding dress. Whether  they wear their luscious locks in romantic soft curls draped over their shoulders or in chic and tight chignons for a truly timeless look, a bride must find the wedding hairstyle that somehow makes them feel both comfortable and elegant. 

With that in mind, here are some of the most popular wedding hairstyles for you to consider as you flip through a bridal hair gallery, followed by some hair-dos and hair-don’ts for the ideal wedding day.

Chignon Bridal Hairstyles
A modern and elegant choice, the chignon is a perennial favorite among brides because it’s gorgeous with all lengths of hair. And with numerous variations to choose from, it’s also a fairly easy hairstyle to achieve. The word chignon comes from the French phrase “chignon du cou,” which translates to “nape of the neck”—and that’s exactly where this hairstyle sits. Sleek and sophisticated, the chignon is a hairstyle you’ve done in a more informal way many times, but at a wedding it comes red-carpet worthy with a simple twist, a wraparound, or a personalized accessory like a head-piece or a birdcage veil. 

The Bridal Ballerina Bun
This chic updo sits high on your head, so there is a bit of need for some length to avoid those dreaded fly-aways. Ballerina buns are ideal when you want to have your hair off of your neck and shoulders, but it’s also great when you have a particular detail on the back of your wedding dress that you want to flaunt. There’s more than a few variations to choose from, including a donut bun, the more voluminous sleek bun, a dramatic bun, and a messy bun that’s piled high. The various iterations of the ballerina bun means that it’s not just for brides with think, lustrous hair, but any bride with some length to her locks. 

Boho Wedding Braids
A decidedly more modern trend that has grabbed hold of the wedding-style industry over the last handful of years, braids are a boho-chic way of expressing your personality as you walk down the aisle. What makes braids such a stylish choice for a ceremony and reception is that the hairdo can be incorporated into many other quaffs—with styles ranging from a Dutch crown braid and an updo side braid, to a relaxed fishtail and a wavy crown braid. And even though it’s a modern hairstyle, it’s also perfectly timeless, so you won’t look back at your wedding photos in 20 years and gasp. 

Boho’s Back With Loose Waves
This simple, yet graceful style is perhaps wedding hair in its purest form—a stream of long, healthy, luxurious hair that’s allowed to flow naturally from top to bottom. Much like braids, loose waves go hand-in-hand with the boho-chic style of flowy dresses, vintage accessories, and other unique options. Consider pairing your loose waves with a flower crown for the maximum boho effort. 

Half-Up, Half-Down Bridal Hair Design
Those with particularly thick hair will appreciate this ’do, as the half-up, half-down style lightens the load that the bride is charged with carrying for hours on end. The perfect middle road between and updo and a downdo, this style is naturally flattering with flowing locks while maintaining the elegance of lifted hair. And for a more glammed-up look, you can ask your stylist to tease the back a bit for some sultry volume. 

The Hair-Dos & Hair-Don’ts of Wedding Hairstyles

No matter which wedding hairstyle you ultimately decide to go with, there’s a protocol that all brides should follow in order to mesh your locks with your overall wedding look. Take a look at this quick list of wedding hair dos and don’ts before taking a seat in the stylist’s chair for the hairdo that will grace you into married life. 


Stage A Hair Trial Before The Wedding Day
You’ve been visualizing your wedding for a long time, why not literally visualize your hair without the pressures of the actual wedding bearing down on you? A trail run with help you and your stylist get onto the same page and avoid any unwanted wedding day surprises. Make sure that you feel happy and pretty with the style of your choice.

Get Your Wedding Dress First
Say “yes” to the dress before you say “maybe” to the hair! It’ll be far easier to style your hair to your dress than the other way around, and this is a great way to keep with any theme you’re hoping to take through your wedding. Consider scheduling your hair and makeup for the same day as your dress fitting—this will give you a gander at how the entire package will look on the day of your wedding. 

Hear The Stylist, But Listen To Yourself
Your wedding hairstylist is a professional who has made countless brides look incredibly pretty on their wedding day. With this in mind, you should absolutely consider their suggestions. However, this is your hair and your wedding day, so don’t let anyone—including your hairdresser—make you carry a hairstyle that isn’t what you had in mind. While being amenable to the hairstylist’s advice, be confident and clear about the vision you have for your hair. 

Find Photos Of Your Desired Hairstyle
It’s one thing to try to find the words to explain how you want your hair to look, it’s another thing altogether to show your stylist exactly what you have in mind. Try to have as many examples as possible—which shouldn’t be difficult at all, since everyone has a smartphone these days. Simply pull up some photos of the hairdo you want, and show the stylist. 


Travel Too Far Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Your wedding day is not the time to start experimenting with styles that are drastically different from other hairdos that have worked for you in the past. Stay in or as close to your comfort zone as possible. Also, avoid coloring or cutting your hair in the weeks before your wedding. You’ll need as much comfort with your hairstyle as possible—don’t chop it all off days before the wedding!

Underestimate Hair Accessories
Sometimes bridal hair design is all about the accoutrements. If your wedding hair style is classical, accessories might be an attractive way to add a dash of liveliness to your locks. Think about pins, headbands, flower crowns or even extensions for an eye-catching life on your wedding day. 

Wash Your Hair The Morning Of Your Wedding
For some people, this might sound counterintuitive. Freshly washed hair just doesn’t hold a style the way second- or third-day hair does, so plan on working a wash into your schedule a few days prior to the wedding instead of the morning or night before. And for best results, keep it free of styling products until your hairdresser gets a hold of it.