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How To Include Epically Geeky Elements In Your Long Island Wedding

Written By Watermill Caterers | 10/03/19 | 5 min read

Perhaps more than at any other time in history, geek culture is now at the forefront of the larger pop culture movement. Superhero movies have made the leap from niche audiences to blockbuster franchises, sci-fi classics are being revisited at an ever-increasing clip, and childhood memories are now the stuff of box office gold. Not surprisingly, soon-to-be-married adults are actively including these geeky elements into their weddings. 

And it makes total sense! Weddings are a celebration of all of the things that bring a couple together and all of the things that they love about each other. This is often displayed through the expression of a couple’s unique personalities—and this effort can be experienced by wedding guests in the event’s music and decor, the couple’s vows, even the food that’s served, and the way the couple dresses. 

Some couples go beyond the realm of what is considered typical at a wedding, showcasing their geekiest of passions in fun and inventive ways. Couples have toyed with the conventional wedding model by including their love of gaming, their affinity for comic book movies, or their penchant for lightsaber duels in all aspects of the nuptials: from the save the dates and invitations to the wedding vows and dance routines.

So, if you and your partner-to-be are proud pop culture geeks, what are the best ideas for an epically geek-chic wedding? Let’s take a look at five specific geeky corners of pop culture that could make for phenomenal wedding themes. 

Cosplay Wedding

Probably the most general of the geek weddings, cosplaying refers to dressing up as your favorite character from movies, television, comic books, and more. Making your wedding a non-specific cosplay wedding gives your guests the chance to simply pick a favorite pop culture character without limiting them to a set number of characters from one specific series or genre. At a cosplay wedding where anything goes, Marvel can mix with DC; Star Wars can mix with Star Trek; Game of Thrones can mix with Doctor Who—it’ll be like staging your very own version of Comic Con on your wedding day. Utilize your save the dates and invitations to encourage your guests to start thinking about their outfits for your wedding. You might not get everyone to participate, but at the very least your wedding party should take part in the fun without you and your partner having to do too much convincing. 

Medieval Wedding

Whether you met your partner at the Renaissance Faire or if you both simply share a love for knights, fair maidens, dragons, and magic, a medieval-themed wedding might deliver the perfectly festive atmosphere for your nuptials. The best way to intertwine the medieval times into your wedding is with the outfits, specifically the wedding dress. You can look for a princess-line or drop waist dress at a bridal shop or you can go to the extreme and work with a dressmaker who specializes in Renaissance-style gowns. Additional medieval touches include using parchment for the invitations or even hiring someone to act as a “court jester” of sorts at the reception. A medieval-themed wedding might be the way to go if what you really want is a Game of Thrones-themed wedding. The legendary series borrows many elements from medieval times—there are honorable swordsmen, evil creatures of the night, and fire-breathing dragons—so your medieval wedding can easily lead to a marriage of fire and ice. Just don’t forget to utilize that incredible Game of Thrones theme song!

Star Wars Wedding

The newest set of Star Wars movies has both reinvigorated a fanbase, while creating new legions of fans along the way. And with the final film in the newest trilogy set for release this December, now might be the perfect time for a wedding to take place in a galaxy far, far away. Ideas include stormtrooper groomsmen, bridesmaids with Princess Leia-themed hair, Star Wars characters as cake toppers, a first dance that includes a lightsaber duel, and walking down the aisle to the famous Star Wars theme. Some couples have even had custom wedding rings made with the infamous Leia and Han Solo exchange from The Empire Strikes Back: “I love you.” “I know.” Also, it wouldn’t be out of line to request that the officiant end the ceremony with, “May the force be with you.”

Superhero Theme

Also falling under the category of comic book-themed weddings, superhero themed weddings are extremely popular these days due to the success of numerous movie franchises. While there are understated ways of having superheroes appear in your wedding—like socks or cufflinks or hidden superhero tees for your groomsmen—one of the best uses of this theme is your wedding table plan. If you are really deep into the inner sanctum of geekdom, consider dividing your tables up between The Avengers, Justice League, Guardians of the Galaxy, Arkham Asylum, and Skrull—or keep it simple and name each table after one character, just be sure to keep an eye on the situation should you decide to place the Batman table next to the Joker table.

Gamer Wedding

With their vast, intricate knowledge of expansive universes, some say that gamers are the ultimate geeks. There are plenty of options when it comes to gamer-themed weddings: You can choose between modern games or go full retro mode and pull from the classic video games of yesterday for wedding inspiration. Consider a Mario or Pac-Man themed wedding cake or think about using the theme song from the Legend of Zelda as your processional music. But one of the most fun ways to incorporate gaming into your wedding is in the invitations, which can get clever by telling your guests that you and your partner are “leveling up” by getting hitched!

It’s Your Wedding—Express Yourself!

Your wedding should be the ultimate expression of you and your partner’s unique personalities. If you want to include your favorite geeky pop culture references, feel free to do it! And if you’d rather just have small touch of one of the above examples, you can keep it simple. Maybe instead of having guests dress up in full superhero regalia, you opt instead for subtle hints that pop up in your outfits, invitations, after party, etc. It’s your wedding! The power is yours!