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How To Have A Tasteful Holiday Wedding

Written By Watermill Caterers | 11/08/19 | 5 min read

The holiday season comes on strong each and every year, permeating nearly every aspect of daily life—and that includes any weddings that happen to be taking place between now and the end of December.

Just after Halloween ends and the calendar flips to November, you begin to see the unmistakable colors of Christmas popping up around your community. From the post office to the supermarket, there’s nothing quite like the Long Island holiday season, with festive reds and greens seemingly everywhere—even before Thanksgiving arrives! 

If you’re the kind of person that perks up every time you hear a Christmas song or smile whenever you see strings of colorful lights—and just happen to be busy planning your wedding—then maybe a holiday-themed wedding is for you. Of course, the key to a perfect holiday wedding is achieving the perfect balance between too festive and not festive enough. You definitely want your wedding to be merry and memorable for you guests, but you don’t want to overwhelm the day over-the-top seasonal decor. 

Here’s a handful of ways to spark joy in your wedding with tastefully infused festive holiday elements!

Holiday Wedding Candles

The warm flickering light of candles creates a charming and romantic atmosphere, that just so happens to also be intimately related to the holiday season. Candles can be utilized during your wedding ceremony or during the wedding reception in a number of ways. For example, votives of varying height intermixed with simple centerpieces present an elegant effect that is also warm, toasty, and intimate—feelings that are ideal during the holidays. And depending on the rules and regulations in place at your wedding venue or catering hall, you can use traditional candles or battery-powered alternatives, which can be equally enchanting. Meanwhile, you should choose candles that are fragrance free so you don’t overload your guests’ sense of smell. Also, consider finding candle varieties that are coated or brushed with sparkles or glitter for an extra layer of holiday shine. 

Holiday Ornament Wedding Favors

Chances are you’ll be gifting your guests with a lovely wedding favor to help them remember your wedding. Oftentimes having something tangible to remember the night by can go a long way in keeping your wedding day in the thoughts of all your family and friends you shared in the joyous occasion. This customary, traditional gesture is the perfect opportunity to include memorable holiday moment. A custom-made or customized holiday ornament can make a delightful wedding favor and a wonderfully treasured keepsake for your guests. You can use something seasonal like pinecones to make your ornaments or go with the more traditional glass spheres. Just be sure to package the ornaments safely so that your guests can get them home in one piece! 

Holiday Wedding Bouquets

Your wedding florist will gladly infuse holiday elements associated with the season into the bouquets of both the bride and her bridesmaids. From subtle touches, like a sprinkle of holly berries, to full on holiday blooms, you can bring the magic of the holiday season into your wedding celebration seamlessly with a well-designed winter wedding bouquet. And besides holly and blooms, some of that magic can be represented with ice crystals, white twigs, strings of pearls, and sparkly accents—all of these elements can add some holiday cheer without distracting from the beauty of the bride as she walks down the aisle. And besides bouquets, floral centerpieces and floral accents throughout the wedding venue can also be arranged with the holidays in mind. 

Holiday Colors In Your Wedding Decor

Silver and gold are two of the traditional holiday colors that actually look fantastic at a wedding. You can choose one or both of these classic metals to feature in your festive wedding decorations—and you can even make your overall wedding theme “silver and gold.” Vases, floral arrangements, candles, programs, suits, dresses, and signage with gold and silver accents can elevate your wedding’s holiday look to festive new heights. You can also incorporate silver and gold ribbons on chairs, tables, and throughout the wedding reception, as well as include gold and silver jewelry and accessories into the wedding day look of you and your wedding party. 

Holiday Wedding Photo Ops

Seasonal decorations can and should be utilized when it comes time to take your wedding photos. There’s a good chance your Long Island wedding venue of choice will have a magnificent Christmas tree or other festive holiday decorations set up—these seasonal settings can make for remarkable backdrops to your wedding photos. And during your wedding reception, encourage a little romance among your guests by hanging a mistletoe from a beautiful archway, either as part of a photo booth or just as a design element. It’s a guarantee that couples will pucker up under a mistletoe, which will make for charming photos to commemorate your holiday wedding. 

A Truly Sweet Holiday Wedding Cake

If you ask your wedding venue, catering hall or cake vendor, they might be able to mix some extra holiday flair into your winter wedding cake. There are many confectionery elements that are festive options for a cake, including frosted red berries, powdered sugar, a hint of green or tastefully tiny silhouettes of reindeer or other holiday images—these can all recognize the holiday season without coming off as too excessive. And if you’re leaning toward the silive-and-gold theme mentioned earlier, request the use of those metallic elements in the design of your wedding cake. You can even incorporate edible pearls, which ensure a cake that is full of holiday glam while also being decadently delicious. 

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