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Wedding Reception Etiquette

Written By Watermill Caterers | 03/05/19 | 1 min read

A wedding reception is the chance for the bride and groom to offer a party of a lifetime with their closest friends and family. However, there is a lot more to the event than just having a good time. Whether you are planning a back-to-back ceremony and reception or one with a gap in between, there are several important details to focus on to make sure you are following proper wedding reception etiquette.
If you organize this right after the ceremony, this gives guests a chance to greet the bride and groom briefly and offer a note of congratulations in person before the reception.
Guests can mingle and get to know each during this pre-dinner event that usually happens after people go through the receiving line.
Presenting the bride and groom in front of their guests for the first time as an officially married couple, this lovely ritual usually takes place right after the wedding or after the salad course.
Once all of the reception guests are seated, this is a chance for the maid of honor and best man to make a heartfelt speech about the bride and groom.
Taking place near the end of the event, this fun tradition usually signals that it is ok for guests to leave. Make sure not too to cut the cake too early or you may find an empty dance floor!
Following these simple steps will ensure a memorable wedding reception for the bride and groom as well as all of the honored guests.