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What's for Dessert at a Watermill Wedding

Written By Watermill Caterers | 08/07/19 | 4 min read

As a Long Island wedding venue with a rich history of hosting couples as they enter marital bliss, the Watermill’s efforts in culinary confections reached expert status long ago. Prepared by award-winning chefs, desserts at the Watermill are presented as veritable works of art—the picture perfect ending to an unforgettable event. 

The professionals at the Watermill know that its guests crave variety and as such, the catering hall provides multiple tiers of dessert offerings, along with menu enhancements that serve to extend the sweetness well beyond wedding cake. But by no means does that mean the wedding cake should be overlooked—in fact, quite the contrary, as the Watermill’s cakes are marvelously delicious culinary achievements. 

For a view of the sweets you can expect, let’s dip into the Watermill’s dessert menu like a strawberry is dipped into chocolate.

The Watermill’s Deluxe Menu
The standard bearer of classically prepared wedding fare, the Watermill’s Deluxe Menu features a strong offering of the sweet stuff that will act as the perfect capstone to your wedding. Here, the timeless wedding cake is given centerstage at your reception.

It starts with a battle between chocolate lovers and vanilla fanatics, as you get a choice of devil’s food or yellow sponge as your cake base. From there, the fillings present a wide range of tastes and textures. Fruit marks the first choice for filling, specifically raspberry, pineapple, peach, lemon or black cherry. Then there’s the Watermill’s classic fillings, which bring in Nutella, Dulce de Leche, cannoli, custard, and Italian custard—all smooth and supple options that will perk up any guests who have been on the dance floor all night long.

The land of buttercream comes next, with variations including hazelnut, mocha, chocolate, vanilla or maple walnut. Meanwhile, your mousse-filling choices are raspberry, lemon, mango, vanilla, strawberry or the truly amazing peanut butter. Not to be outdone is chocolate, with mousse, fudge, pudding, whipped cream, dobash, ganache, and cannoli. 

But it doesn’t end there. The Watermill specialty fillings bring even more variety to the mix, with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, mixed fruit in custard, mixed berries in chantilly, and fresh strawberries in custard. 

The Watermill’s Hampton Menu
The Hampton Menu dials up the sweetness to new heights, giving you even more options and satisfying even more of your guests’ varied tastes. Instead of only cake (as offered on the Deluxe Menu), the Hampton Menu’s standard option is the Dessert Trio—this encompasses a beautifully decorated cake that’s accompanied by ice cream and an individual dessert creation. 

Starting with the cake, all of the options from the Deluxe Menu return, with the addition of marble cake as an option for the cake base. From there, feel free to choose any of the luscious  fillings previously described on the Deluxe Menu.

Here’s where things start to get truly decadent. The Hampton Menu will have your guests screaming for ice cream, with vanilla bean, chocolate or strawberry dipped with Belgian chocolate as superb ways to elevate dessert time. 

Next the Individual Dessert section of the menu takes tastes even further, with an eclectic variety of creations that will make your wedding guests fall in love with the evening all over again. This section delights with Dulce de Leche cheesecake, double-fudge brownie, pecan bourbon bread pudding, flaky sweet baklava, crème brûlée, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and cappuccino chocolate mousse. 

The Hampton Menu also offers dessert beverages that go beyond coffee and tea. The Watermill will set up an espresso, cappuccino and cordial table for the ideal wedding nightcap. This includes an authentic copper and brass espresso and cappuccino machine that brews individual cups of the most refined Italian coffees. This is accompanied by a complete section of more than 20 premium cordials and brandies—all served with chocolate cordial cups. 

Dessert Menu Enhancements
Whether you choose the Deluxe or Hampton menu, you can elevate dessert by choosing from an array of menu enhancements, which are conveniently priced per person. 

First up are the passed desserts, which bring together a collection of the chef’s seasonal selections of mini desserts passed butler style. These include tasty treats like s’mores shots, rice pudding shooters, mini-margarita mousse, individual crème brûlée, berries with Grand Marnier, zabaglione (light Italian custard), pecan bourbon bread pudding, and mini cheesecakes, with a tray of seasonal fruits on each table for good measure. 

Then next enhancement is a Wedding classic, the Viennese Table. This features a spread with fresh fruit, miniature pastries, mousses, and assorted specialty cakes like napoleon, cassata, tiramisu, black forest, strawberry shortcake, and carrot cake. You’ll also get fruit-filled pies, cannolis, Italian and butter cookies, rainbow cookies, homemade zeppoles, and freshly baked sfogliatelle pastries—also known as “lobster tails.”

If ice cream is your quintessential enhancement, you should definitely go for the Ice Cream Sundae Bar. Starting with a choice of vanilla bean, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream, toppings include gummy bears, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, oreo cookie crumbs, M&M’s. Cherries, Heath Bar crunch, chopped nuts, Reese’s Pieces, chocolate chips, pineapple, strawberries, and strawberry syrup. 

Meanwhile the Pastry, Cookie, and Fruit Tower enhancements sees the addition of sliced fresh fruit and an assortment of Italian and French miniature pastries, along with gourmet butter cookies, added to the mix. 

The next enhancement very well might be the king of decadent dessert offerings: it’s the legendary chocolate fountain. An immediate attention-grabber, this sweet cocoa cascade flows with sheets of warm Belgian white or dark chocolate, while the Watermill offers an array of dippable treats on skewers—bananas, strawberries, pineapples, graham crackers, wafer cookies, rice krispy treats, and marshmallows.

And finally, take a trip back to the sugar rushes of your childhood with the Candy Land enhancement, featuring timeless treats served in apothecary jars. These include Sour Laces, Whoppers, Milk Duds, Laffy Taffy, M&M’s, Gummi Bears, jelly beans, semi-sweet chocolate wafers, Twizzlers, chocolate bark, Twix, Tootsie Pops, Sno-Caps, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Sweet Tarts, Crunch Bars, Mary Jane’s gum balls, and whirly pops. 

A Sweet Night To Remember
When all is said and done, dessert time at the Watermill will leave you and your guests with a sweet feeling—one that pairs perfectly with a whirlwind night of partying and romance.