Words Of Wisdom: The Watermill Blog

The world of event planning—especially wedding planning—can be a difficult road to navigate. With trends constantly shifting, it can take a long time to figure out how to put together any celebration in a way that will stay in the hearts and minds of your guests for years to come. In the spirit of teaching from experience, The Watermill presents this blog as a helpful resource to anyone preparing the party of a lifetime—from when to book a caterer to how to find the best dress and beyond.

When Should You Book Your Wedding Venue?

Planning out wedding details often hinges on picking the perfect venue. Find out when you should choose your host site based on factors like season, cost, food and more.

What's Trending With Desserts

Wedding desserts go far beyond a masterfully created cake. Find out what's trending in the world of wedding sweets and wow your guests with a vast array of treats.

Wedding Reception Etiquette

The wedding reception is all about the party atmosphere. But there are plenty dos and don'ts for this fabulously formal event.

Wedding Planning Events 2016

This is a unique opportunity to meet all of the Watermill's recommended vendors for your Long Island Wedding. All the important players in one place.

Wedding Music

Music makes the party, especially when that party is a wedding. Get your guests on the dance floor with a live band or awesome DJ featuring recommendations by the Watermill.

Wedding Color Palettes

Selecting a wedding color scheme can be daunting as there are a seemingly endless array of colors to choose from. Check out a few tips on how to select the perfect hue for your wedding.

Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue

It's your wedding and you've got a lot of pressing questions. Take this handy list of queries with you when it's time to meet with your venue and hammer out the details.

Planning A Long Island Wedding

Planning a Long Island wedding is far different than doing the same for your nuptials anywhere else. Learn about everything you need to know here: from guest lists, to budgeting and beyond.