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Words Of Wisdom: The Watermill Blog

The world of event planning—especially wedding planning—can be a difficult road to navigate. With trends constantly shifting, it can take a long time to figure out how to put together any celebration in a way that will stay in the hearts and minds of your guests for years to come. In the spirit of teaching from experience, The Watermill presents this blog as a helpful resource to anyone preparing the party of a lifetime—from when to book a caterer to how to find the best dress and beyond.

wedding menu-2
Menu Enhancements At A Watermill Wedding

Add to your wedding’s fabulous dining scene with a variety of enhancements available for cocktail hour, dessert, and beyond.

The Must-Hit Steps Of A Traditional Wedding Timeline

Planning ahead makes all the difference, especially when it comes to weddings. And the best way to make sure your wedding hits all the right notes is to devise a pitch-perfect timeline.

The Cons Of An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful celebrations when planned correctly, but these ambitious undertakings might not be worth the trouble, unpredictability, and extra cost.

Dining At A Watermill Wedding

Gourmet cuisine prepared by expertly trained chefs await you and your guests at The Watermill. With help from our professionals, your wedding will feature a simply unforgettable culinary experience your guests will be raving about long after the cake.

When To Book Your Wedding Venue?

Booking a wedding venue can be a stressful effort for anyone. Find that perfect venue for your special day as early as possible, and everything will begin to fall into place.

When Should You Book Your Wedding Venue?

Planning out wedding details often hinges on picking the perfect venue. Find out when you should choose your host site based on factors like season, cost, food and more.

What's Trending With Desserts

Wedding desserts go far beyond a masterfully created cake. Find out what's trending in the world of wedding sweets and wow your guests with a vast array of treats.

Wedding Reception Etiquette

The wedding reception is all about the party atmosphere. But there are plenty dos and don'ts for this fabulously formal event.